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In 1994 I started a music website to promote unknown musicians and recording artists.
Since then the advent of various well backed musician websites have made my efforts obsolete.
Now I use this URL for my own projects.

KC Wilkerson - My music site. Solo, singer songwriter and recording artist.

KC Wilkerson - My music instruction site.

Alchemy Astrology - My practical Alchemy website related to the astrology of the ancients.

     Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone - My 'how to' handbook, $19.97 + shipping: info page.

     Printable - Laboratory Count (pdf) - $19.97: info page.

     Natal Charts - $139.97 or less: info page.

     Awakening to Enlightenment - My 'how to' meditate pocket sized paper back book, $9.97 + shipping; eBook $4.97: info page.

Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals - Our company. Herbal products including spagyric breath sprays, salves, and massage oil. Prepared with astrological guidance.

Midwest Herb School - Our school: in transition to a more mobile platform.

Off Site Links:

AstroForecast - Sidereal astrology based on astrology used by the ancient alchemists.

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